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Who We Are



We are a family run business that has got over 25 years experience in providing full range of plumbing and heating services in West Midlands and Shropshire area.


This website is dedicated to our East Anglian part of business - Pete's plumbing & gas ltd. The original business CSJ Plumbing was set over 25 years ago in Telford - Shropshire and is still running there as a It's "Plumbin' Grate" and C P Plumbing & Heating. Together with the growth of the company it was decided to enlarge area of work to West Midlands. In 2012 (as the next - third generation of the family made the decisions of taking up on the new challenges) Pete's plumbing was founded and our working area was extended and we started providing our services in East Anglia (Suffolk and North Essex area...). In 2017 we renamed to Pete's plumbing & gas ltd.


As a family business we are determined to provide the best service possible. That is why our engineers are the most important part of our company. They are first that our customers come to contact with. They are always reliable and polite, treating every job and every person professionally and with the personal touch. Fully trained and skilled, providing an excellent service. They will do everything to reach the best possible level of satisfaction regarding:

- the job we do and

- the service itself - how we do the job .


Our customers can be sure that they will be treated 100% professionally and serious



Why US



Because we are PROUD of ourselves and OUR WORK

Because we work 24 hrs, 7 days a week

Because our response is fast

Because our services are affordable

Because we are reliable...

Some of the services that we offer:


1. Central heatings and boilers:

- Installing brand new gas central heating systems


- Replacing or updating an existing one

- Central heating fault finding

- Radiators replacements

- Boiler installations

- Boiler controls,

- Boiler upgrades and repairs,

- Cylinder vented installation and replacement,

- Conventional boilers and combi boilers etc...

If you need any of them, our Gas Safe registered engineers are at your service.


2. Pipework:

- Installing new pipework for an existing central heating system,

- Installing new pipework while installing new central heating system,

- Repairing leaks on an existing pipework.


3. Gas fires:

- Installing brand new gas fires

- Updating an existing one

- Gas fires fault finding

- Gas fire repairs

- Gas fire controls and servicing.


4. Gas cookers and hobs:

- Installing brand new gas freestanding, inbuilt cookers and hobs

- Updating an existing one

- Gas cookers and hobs fault finding

- Gas cookers and hobs repairs

- Gas cookers and hobs controls and servicing.


5. Gas safety certificates -Landlord certificates


Why do I need a gas safety certificate?

The Government changed the law in 1996 and since then the gas safe certificate is required as a proof of compliance. All landlords that rent out partially or fully a property have to ensure all gas appliances and pipework in rented out property are checked by Gas Safe registered engineer. The certifictae has to be reviewed every 12 months.


What are the Landlord's responsibilities specifically?

• Landlords have a legal requirement to have all gas fittings and flues serviced annually by a Corgi & Gas Safe registered gas engineer or Gas Safe registered plumber (Gas Safety Regulations 1998).

• Landlord's must ensure an annual safety check is carried out annually on each gas fitting and flue.

• Landlords must keep a copy of their certificate for a minimum of 2 years.

More information on Landlord's responsibilities can be found at www.hse.gov.uk.

Company registered in England and Wales Registered Number 10586067.